A well-made soccer ball is easily one of the most valuable pieces of womens soccer equipment. Without a ball, there can’t be a game. And no game means a lot of unhappy fans! However, not just any old soccer ball will do.

Professional soccer leagues and teams for players over 12 years of age must use a ‘size 5’ soccer ball. On top of that, the ball must be tried and tested for high-quality materials, weight, and longevity.

Currently, the adidas MLS Top Glider has claimed the best women’s soccer ball for 2017 says Soccer Garage. Many players find it to be one of the best soccer balls made by adidas in years, which easily made it the top choice for all Major Soccer League association games. Not only does it fit the regulatory specifications, but it also boasts a surprisingly soft cover and tight stitching that won’t fall apart in the middle of a match.

Unsurprisingly, adidas also manufactures the second highest rated women’s soccer ball this year—the Conext15 Glider. While the design of this ball looks fairly similar to the MLS Top Glider, this soccer ball contains a Butyl bladder inside which keeps the ball inflated for longer periods of time. It currently isn’t used in Major Soccer League games, but the long inflation period makes it a favorite amongst women’s traveling and high school soccer teams.