Women’s Roller Derby Is Growing in Popularity. Here’s How You Can Join the Excitement!

Until very recently, people automatically thought of the 80s and disco when the phrase “roller skating” came up in a conversation. Roller skating is associated with the 80s-disco scene, so much so that it was nearly forgotten in the 90s. interestingly, however, roller skating is growing in popularity.

Roller skating is becoming an interesting sport once again. Local derby and skating events and new facilities in different parts of the country are contributing to the rise in popularity. You can be part of roller derby too. Here’s how you can get started.

Local Events and Skating Rinks

As mentioned earlier, the wealth of local roller derby events – particularly for women – and the new wave of skating rinks opening their doors to skaters across the country are among the many reasons why roller derby is gaining in popularity. There are more than 450 local leagues and skating events today. The Roller Skating Association is hosting events almost every weekend.

There are other reasons why roller skating is making a strong comeback. For starters, a lot of people enjoy the nostalgic side of this sport. Skating rinks even have disco nights, when you can just go out and have fun with old friends.

Skating is also fun. Modern derby events take the level of fun offered by skating to a whole new level with its characters and glamor. It is also worth noting that there has been an increase in modern disco music completing the scene and making the roller derby landscape even more appealing to young and old skaters alike.

It’s Easy to Get Started

For most of the skaters who are now actively involved in roller derby events, joining in is a matter of getting their old skates out of the attic and jumping straight in. This may not be the case for you, but that doesn’t make getting started any more difficult.

Skating rinks have roller skates that you can rent for the session, which means you can give the whole experience a try without getting invested in the sport. I still have to warn you; roller skating can be addictive simply because it is so much fun.

When you’re ready, you can browse through the best roller derby skates and take the experience to a new level. Of course, you also need to pick up a few items of safety equipment; it won’t take long before you start customizing your roller skates with better wheels, a more comfortable pair of boots, and other accessories. You can also choose to participate in a local derby event and work your way towards a championship title.

Social Fun

One thing you must not forget about roller derby is its social aspect. Roller skating is always about having fun with friends and fellow skaters. Sure, roller derby can be very competitive, but having fun together is still the main point.

So, what are you waiting for? Find out if there is a skating rink near you and give roller skating a try. Get your friends involved and don’t forget to watch out for local roller derby events you can compete in.