What is Airsoft?

Airsoft is a warfare based sport whereby opponents use airsoft guns to compete against each other in various combat simulating plays. Airsoft guns do not hurt or injure when you wear protective clothing such as padding.  These are prop guns which look pretty much like the real guns that fire plastic balls called BBs. The pellets are launched into the air by the release of compressed gas. The gas is held in replaceable canisters inside the gun. These guns are apparently not the only airsoft weapon as there are airsoft grenades too. You can read more reviews of airsoft pistols.  

Airsoft has several variances which depend on the preferences and creativity of the players or the teams involved. In most instances, the conventional variance of capturing the enemy’s flag is used to determine the winner. In other instances, the last man standing or more members of a team standing to win the game. The in game play has several variances also like what happens once a player is shot; in some instances, the player may be eliminated for the rest of the game or for a particular duration.

The game could even be more interesting in the fact that players can involve role playing or dramatize classical scenarios from past events or even movies. This gives no limitations really to the various variances that can be adopted for airsoft. All is needed is a battlefield, the equipment of the game and a team of good and creative players. In some instances, permission from the authorities has to be sought. One smart thing is to create your own home shooting range so that you can practice.

Airsoft guns as mentioned earlier look much like real guns, we even have some made of metal and stuff. This makes different places enact different airsoft laws. In some countries such as Singapore, Australia and New Zealand airsoft are illegal. In other parts of the world, airsoft guns got to have a bright red tip or certain F.P.S limits. In some countries it is illegal to sell or own airsoft guns., It is therefore imperative that you check with the authorities or look up your countries’ airsoft laws before you venture out to have fun.

The airsoft sport was born in Japan in the late 70’s. Around this time a law was passed against individuals owning guns. Gun enthusiasts of the time did not have anything to do and thus they came up with airsoft guns. The first airsoft guns looked exactly like the real guns and were called Gas Blow Back guns or GBBs. The slide on the gun blows back when fired just like that of a real gun. These guns became so popular with both gun hobbyists and the law enforcement that the police in Japan started to use them for training and in combat simulations.

With the growth in the demand of these replica guns, Japanese companies started producing them and exportation to other countries sooner than later started. As a result of export, the guns popularity caught up in the neighboring countries including Hong Kong, Taiwan, the Philippines, and Korea. The trend of airsoft guns popularity soon spread to other continents such as Europe Australia and America. Besides these guns having started out as simple manual spring powered guns, new improved versions continue to be released. Currently the AEG, or the Automatic Electric Gun invented by the Tokyo Marui Company. The AEG has a battery powered motor which enables rapid firing.

Airsoft has been compared to paintball many times, an idea airsoft enthusiasts are not very fond of. Paintball was developed in the USA as a variation of hiding and seek tag. The game was however designed as family friendly and avoids direct simulations of military combat or war. In the USA paintball is still more popular than airsoft although airsoft is catching up. However in Asia and the Pacific Rim Airsoft is more popular. These are nevertheless not the only places you can find airsoft. It can be found around the world with varying popularity.