Top 4 Reasons to Create a Smurf Account

A Smurf account in the games like Counter Strike refers to a second account, in addition to the official CS:GO account, highly experienced players create in order to appear inexperienced and compete with players at beginner’s level. Smurf accounts are discouraged but still a large number of the elite gamers and professional players create them in order to take advantage of the many features that they offer. It seems like a cheap trick to win against an opponent who clearly does not the have high skills and knowledge an experienced player does but professional players do not create smurf accounts in order to troll novices. People are curious to know why players will do this and the following reasons adequately explains why players create smurf accounts.

Enjoy a Challenge

The biggest reason elite players create smurf accounts is because they are so passionate about the game and want to submerge themselves in that world. If you enjoy challenges and want to test your skills and knowledge, then you should create smurf account as well. You can play games on these accounts all the time while effectively managing your money that allows you to check your self-worth. You can have more opportunities to play against experienced players and challenge yourself with new strategies.

It can Improve your Ranking

Another benefit of having a Smurf account is that you can use it improve the ranking of your official account. Continuously playing against strong opponents not only improves your gaming skills but it also improves your CS:GO ranking as well. You can transfer the points from the smurf account to your official account and enjoy various cash rewards and bonus. But if the players are already in the highest tier, then this point is of no consequence to them.

Play in Different Regions

There is an option in almost all video games and esports like CS:GO where they allow the player from similar regions to pay against each other. Elite players who are the best in their region find it curious to see who are the best in other regions and that’s why they create smurf accounts. In a smurf account, you can set your region according to your preference and play against the best players of that region. The main gaming accounts also have this feature but it costs quite a bit to switch between regions but a Smurf account lets you play among different regions for free.

They are Perfect for Practicing

Even if you are not an experienced player, you can still create a Smurf account because they are perfect for practicing. A beginner who does not have any knowledge about the game will only suffer loses if he or she joins a competitive battle. In this case, a Smurf account can come in handy. You can practice on your smurf account as much as you want until you have the necessary skills to participate in the main combat. This will save you a lot of money and unnecessary loses as well.