If your kids are going to be spending weeknights and weekends out at the soccer field, they going to need something to cart around all their gear. A good soccer backpack can be a real lifesaver, says Soccer Garage, especially in a travel league. A solid bag let’s you keep everything in one place, so there’s no chance of leaving something important behind during the rush to get out the door and into car.

First, a great soccer backpack needs to be roomy enough to store all the necessary gear. A good backpack need enough room to store a ball, a water bottle, and your team’s home and away youth soccer uniforms.

Second, kids soccer backpacks need to be sturdy. These backpacks are going to take a lot of abuse, from being tossed haphazardly into the trunk to serving as temporary goal markers during practice sessions. A flimsy backpack will wear out in no time, so it makes sense to look for something with heavy-duty stitching.

Third, a great backpack should be easy to clean. It’s only a matter of time before your new backpack falls victim to a pair of muddy adidas youth soccer cleats, so choosing a bag that can be easily wiped out and tossed in the washing machine is sure to save you a major headache.

Last, but not least, a great backpack needs to look cool. Some clubs and teams order custom-made backpacks, but letting your young striker or goalkeeper pick a bag he or she loves is a good way to keep them from losing it!