The Basics of Horse Races

Horse Races

Horse racing is the ancient game which is played and enjoyed by many people. But riding the horse usually and horse races are completely different things. The horse racing needs practice and proper training and stamina. The person who is racing the horse is known as jockey. The stamina of both racing horse and jockey need to be build up for winning the race. Horse race is considered as the source of income and is played with great seriousness. The jockeys race the horses and the one who comes at the front wins the race and gets the prize. The jockey gets awarded as well.

Types of Horse Races

There are many different types of horse races. Few of them as mentioned as follows:

Jump Race: Jump race is the type of horse racing in which the horse has to jump of different kind of obstacles and hurdles in order to win the race. Different sizes of hurdles are placed in the way in order for the horse to jump and the horse which has more stamina to jump higher wins the race at the end. The flat race or the traditional race but the jump race is often liked by many people. Young as well as people of all ages like to watch jump race.

Handicap Race: In this type of racing, each and every horse is allotted with the weight basis on the ability and stamina of the horse.

Flat Race: It is the common and standard race in which horses compete to win the race according to the criteria of competition. The horse who runs faster than the others whose speed and stamina is well maintained wins the race. This is the traditional and classic type of horse racing and people still like to watch these races with great interest and excitement.

Endurance Race: In this type of horse racing the criteria is to see how much racing a horse could endure. The specific criterion is set for example, 40-100 miles per day is set and then horses are set to race by jockeys. This type of race helps the viewers to see the endurance capacity of the horse. The more a horse could endure the hardships and more the stamina is legendary, more there are the chances of winning. The horses are maintained and taken care of in order to win these races.