Skydiving in Slovenia really is an experience of a lifetime. Skydiving in Slovenia is a jump from an airplane, in a tandem of course, a few seconds of free falling to get your adrenaline level off limits, and then a parachute opens and you are screaming of excitement and sighing over the stunning view of our glorious and green country.  Skydiving in Slovenia is a perfect combination of panoramic views, extreme sport, team building, and boosting your self-esteem.

If you are ready to get to know our gorgeous country from a different perspective, and get to know your adrenaline limits, visit : and book an experience you will never forget.

Skydiving in Slovenia – suitable for adrenaline junkies as well as for fainthearted

Tandem skydiving in Slovenia is a fantastic experience, from the start to the end. And, why is it suitable for every state of mind? Because everyone can benefit from this adventure. First, you get to choose which part of our country you would like to see from bird’s point of view. We, at Altitude activities will take you to Bled, Bohinj, Bovec or elsewhere. We will then take care of all the equipment and safety. With our team of expert skydiving team you will be safe and secure, and you will have fun!! Our guides are known as the most kind and fun team.

Then, we will board a small airplane and take a breath taking panoramic flight to up to 4000m high. And then, three, two, one, GOOOOO, you will soon realise that you are flying. After some minutes in the air, you will safely land with the help of your tandem buddy. And it is only then when all the feelings will start rising.

Skydiving in Slovenia is the best experience you can give to yourself

You will realise that you did it, it was either a thrilling free fall to the max, or a breezing and calm experience with an open parachute right from the start. Your self-confidence will rise because of this experience, we can assure you. And Altitude activities will be proud to make this happen.


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