Searching for the best golf rangefinder?

From the old techniques of charts and pacing, the game of golf has undergone a transition with the arrival of golf rangefinder as this device is very practical and easy to use. Besides measuring the distance between fixed points on the golf course, it also warns the golfers of potential obstructions in the way. The market is replete with several golf rangefinders and if you are in the search for the best then you can get a review of many in the website and choose the best for yourself.

Portrait of an elegant woman playing golf on a green

A top rated rangefinder, TecTecTec VPRO500 Golf Rangefinder has a water resistant body and is popular for its continuous measurement mode in the field. The users have rated a 100% for this product in terms of ease of use. Its immense functionality and simple design make it great for buying. This rangefinder measures up to 540 yards and it is capable of this wide range as laser technology is used to measure the distance. Offering clear and sharp images, it has a long battery life too which adds up to its advantage. Tagged to be the most accurate golf rangefinder, the Bushnell Tour V3 Rangefinders has a magnification of 5x with 24mm objective that makes it the best in accuracy. This device can locate any hurdle in the way as the PinSeeker technology in this is combined with JOLT vibration. With the highest customer rating of 4.7, this device is definitely an asset for golfers as it is not too heavy on their pockets.

Keeping in mind the needs of older and more experienced golfers who find it hard to get themselves accustomed to the multiple buttons of rangefinders, here we have an ideal device for them – the Simmons 801405 Rangefinder. Easy to use, this equipment can measure any distance or locate any obstacle just at the press of a button. All that the golfer needs to do is locate the target and press the button on the top and the needful distance will be displayed on its LCD as per the user’s requirement.

Who has ever told that being pretty and being useful don’t go hand in hand? The answer to this is the Bushnell Tour Z6 Laser Golf Rangefinder. Sleek in design, this gadget is an amazing one as it ranges from 5-1300 yards which is more than other rangefinders that we have on our list. Its magnification is also 6X more than any other of its kind and to top it, this gadget is waterproof. Accidental spill in the water and yet there would be no damage to it. Undoubtedly one of the best electronic companies, Nikon too has come up with a rangefinder that is, in fact, giving competition to a lot many in the market. Simple and compact, this gadget operates on the single button application which makes it top in functionality. Possessing a 6Xmagnification, it has high-quality optics which provides a clear view of what the user wants thus vouching for accuracy. Another important feature is its ability to power down on its own thus saving battery life for prolonged use.