So, you’re trying to encourage your kids to love your favorite sports, or you’re at least hoping that your little slugger will develop some kind of sportsmanlike skills to brag about. Here are some excellent ways for you to help your kids find the sport that speaks to them, while also encouraging a love of sports that transcends generations.

Sports Camps

A great way for you to encourage your kids to find the sport for them is by sending them to sports-specific camps to help them develop their skills on a team. It can be a local little league or their school football camp, or if you really don’t know where to start, just google “golf camps near me” to find camps that will help them have great experiences with a variety of sports that won’t break the bank. 

Experience the Big Leagues

Whether it’s a local baseball game in the minor league or a professional football game watching your favorite team, give your kids the opportunity to love a sport as much as you do by watching in person. Live events are exciting to even small children, and your love of sports is likely to transfer over to your kids when they are with you, getting the full experience. Not to mention, if you’re an avid sports fan, this is a great way to spend quality time with your kids even if they don’t end up being an MLB player in the future. 

Get Out and Play

The very best way for any parent to encourage their kids to play sports and find the one they love the best is by getting outside and playing together as a family. When it comes to playing sports as a family, this can be as simple as playing catch in the backyard or heading to your annual Turkey Bowl with your extended family on Thanksgiving. When kids have the opportunity to play together with people they love and learn new ways to work together as a team or learn good sportsmanship, they tend to associate sports with positivity, giving you a greater chance of encouraging them in their physical activity.

Overall, the best way for you to help your kids love sports is to facilitate positive experiences with sports. Whether it’s a pee-wee league or a family outing on the field, give your kids a reason to love sports by spending time with them and teaching them the basics.