How to Choose The Best Baseball Cleats​

Whether you are the amateur baseball player or you usually join in the worldwide professional league, having the great baseball shoes brings you more chances and luck. However, it is prettily hard to opt for the right ones, and the difficulty is even more when you are the beginner of this sport. With the best pair of shoes, there is no worry about this. It always supports flexibility and superior traction in case you take these below criteria into consideration when ever choosing your greatest cleats.


Baseball cleats are categorized into three main types. They are fitness cleats or turf, molded plastic shoes, and metal studs. It is especially necessary to let the players clearly know their using purposes since each type fits other different playing levels and turfs. Different kinds also contain different advantages and disadvantages. Metal ones support the players to wear it in the professional competitions because they hardly slip and contains the great traction. However, it is very easy for them to wear down in case you use them with turfs which are not grass or dirt.

The molded plastic cleats are stable and robust, but users appear to be interested in these items as they are extremely affordable and best to use on all different terrains. However, the materials do not grip the ground effectively. The turf has the lightest weight and it is extremely cozy. Therefore, it is best for using during practice parts which do not require to come to the field.


The position in which you practice strongly influences the kind of baseball cleats which is the best for you to take note.

For instance, the infielders who play baseball in compact and dense grounds tend to choose metals cleats since they do not easily get dirty in comparison to the studs made of plastics. Metal cleats completely fit the outfielders who use on lush and firm grounds whereas pitchers are the ones who should opt for low-top metal studs.

Youth Cleats​

Most young people will opt for shoes widely used by the group of their friends or those which contain a fashionable form. However, this is definitely not the greatest way for you to make a good choice.

With a young player, flexibility and comfort are the most important criteria you should concern since they show your ability to use on the different terrains. In case the cleats are not suitable for your legs, it can negatively effect the youth players’ performance. As a result, the game appears to be much longer than the normal ones.

In contrast, there remains an argument that some young people even play better only if they use the cleats which they are keen on.


By 2008, only people playing baseball at the college level and high school level could wear the studs made of metals. The molded plastic cleats are the only thing the high school softball players could use. However, the new rule launched in 2008 allows both college and high school players to use metals shoes no matter what they wear them for, playing baseball or softball.

These regulations indicate that there are some strict rules which operate the kind of shoes which you could choose. Therefore, it is extremely necessary to check carefully before making any decision. It is still illegal for players to wear the metal shoes when playing softball in some states such as Maryland and New Jersey. Also, ASA does not allow using them. Most leagues for young baseball players bring the strict regulations against wearing shoes containing metal cleats, so you had better look for the rule of your league before spending time on the purchase.


Size is the next inevitable factor which you should not underestimate because it can show you whether your favorite baseball shoe is great or not. The cleat size is not too large or too tight, so you should pay your careful attention to this feature.

It is best to check the interval between the final point of the studs and the toe. Make sure that it is just around one-fourth of one inch and fewer. Then, the cleats should bring you the complete fit on your heels. If you are the ones having the prettily big sizes between your feet, you had better wear the tight cleats more frequently as they can be more expand and comfortable when practicing.

Reviews and Price​

The best baseball cleats are prettily expensive. However, spending money on these items is always a worthy investment. Like when you are seeking for other products, the very first thing you look at is their price tag. The price of best baseball cleats ranges from $50 to $200, approximately. In addition, you should seek for some reviews and feedbacks to have the players’ perspectives on shoes you are interested in.​

How To Care For Your Baseball Cleats

In case you have already chosen your best baseball cleats, it is best to take these following tips into consideration. This aims at providing them with the greatest care.

  • Avoid using gym socks with baseball shoes since they can easily destroy their shape.
  • Frequently use the soft things like popsicle sticks for eliminating all mud, grass, or dirt in the spiked cleats after using.
  • Clapping the baseball shoes in order to clean and prevent them from getting dirty.
  • An Inevitable Part Aiming  at cleaning are the bottom and sides.
  • Just use baseball cleats when necessary can keep them from wearing out, although you usually have to step on rough terrains.
  • Ensure that you do not put them in your car to avoid the severe temperature.
  • Use talcum or baby powder since it can keep the cleats dry and cool.
  • Always test the rust and sturdiness of your spikes when you use some metal studs.


Opting for the best baseball cleats is always necessary to make sure that you have the greatest performance and really love it. Actually, there are many choices available in sports stores or online, so the only thing you should do is determining your main purpose, spending time on going out and testing some different baseball cleats.​