With approximately 25 million golfers in the country nobody should have any doubt that golf is one of America’s most popular past times. This means that golf clubs across the nation present pretty solid and secure business opportunities.

Golf club management is a popular career choice among golf enthusiasts; however, it is important to know that golf club management entails much more than simply managing a golf course.

Depending on the course amenities it could seem more like managing a full-service resort. Even if you have the simplest of courses, though, you’ll unquestionably need to know one thing beyond all others: golf course maintenance.    

Golf Course Maintenance

Golf course maintenance actually entails four different types of maintenance: grounds, facilities, equipment and janitorial.


Grounds maintenance at golf courses is a large undertaking, and it’s also one of the most important components of golf club management. It entails the most important and globally recognizable landscaping known as the greens.

The greens need to be in impeccable condition any time people are using the course. You need to make sure grass is healthy and that all greens are uniform.

You need to conduct regular inspections for any dead or dying grass and you need to be ready to reseed immediately. You’ll need to create a comprehensive mowing schedule to make sure all greens are a consistent height, this is incredibly important in golf. 

Grounds maintenance also includes making sure that all planting, tree trimming and landscaping is performed regularly. You’ll also need to maintain the sand traps and ponds. And don’t forget the parking lot, that’s part of the grounds too.


Golf club facilities include restrooms, commercial kitchens, dining rooms, stores, lobbies and patios and you need to make sure you have staff that can address issues in any of these facilities. From electrical to plumbing, there are a host of facility needs in a golf course. 


There are several different kinds of equipment used at golf courses, but the most popular are probably the golf carts. Constant maintenance is required for golf carts due to their heavy usage.

Other types of equipment include lawn mowers, dishwashers, stoves and laundry machines. Some courses may choose to hire professionals as needed, but the larger courses generally employ maintenance specialists who can repair major equipment.  


Having the appropriate janitorial staff is critical in all businesses, but it’s especially important at golf courses. Because of the volume of people they serve it’s important to have an adequate number of janitorial staff. You also want to be sure you have someone that can address any issue as soon as it arises.


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