Arizona is one of the most environmentally diverse states in the country and contains every major climate region. The largest of these is the desert which takes up over 40 percent of the total land area. Right in the middle of that desert is the largest city in the state as well as its capital: Phoenix. If you find yourself in the area, here are four suggestions you may want to try.

1. Please Your Taste Buds With Food

The area in and around Phoenix is replete with diverse cuisine. If you’re looking for southwest-inspired fare, there are plenty of maricopa restaurants to choose from. With its proximity to Mexico, it isn’t a surprise that Spanish food dominates the scene. Whether you want to pick up a burrito from a small drive-thru spot or sit down and enjoy a full meal, there are plenty of choices all around.

2. Visit Phoenix Zoo and Botanical Gardens

A trip to Phoenix isn’t complete without checking out the Phoenix Zoo and Botanical Gardens. You don’t need kids to enjoy the peek into a variety of animal habitats. They have animals from every continent, and the environments they live in are stellar. The park itself is clean, and the walk around is long and can quickly get you your daily step count. Check out the mountain goats that seem to be precariously dangling on the side of a rocky slope.

3. Take a Hike

Arizona as a whole has some of the best and most famous natural scenery in the country. You don’t need to trek up to the Grand Canyon to enjoy a beautiful day outside hiking. There are plenty of opportunities in and around Phoenix to take a walk through desert terrain, and the hikes are all varying degrees of difficulty. The desert in the summer is triple digit heat every day, so hiking at this time of year should only take place in the early morning hours, and even then, be sure to bring plenty of water.

4. Sporting Events and Live Shows

Maricopa County as a whole is a hopping place, full of entertainment and sporting venues. Catch your favorite baseball team in one of the areas major league spring training parks. If football is more your style, check out the Arizona Cardinals in Glendale for a game or two. Entertainers typically include at least one stop in Phoenix while on tour. Check local listings to find something you may enjoy.

Whether you live in Phoenix or are visiting for the first time, there are plenty of things for you to do. Get out and explore this vast, bustling, and beautiful area.


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