Law enforcement in Rio de Janeiro are cleaning crime for that 2016 Olympics, however, many human privileges activists stay wary.

Rio includes a dirty small secret. They tend to be called shantytowns plus they are infested along with drug gangs along with other violent criminal offense. Tourists flock towards the city’s advanced nightclubs as well as warm beaches however they are cautioned to avoid the chaotic areas which surround this particular beautiful town.

As the former FBI counterintelligence Broker, I am worried about the nationwide security dangers raised through the U. Utes. diplomatic wires released through Wikileaks. Like a proponent associated with social rights, however, I’m alarmed through the front strip glimpse they offer of the cleanup efforts within Rio de Janeiro for that 2016 Olympics.


The Wikileaks cables inform you that Ough. S. diplomats within Rio de Janeiro tend to be anxious concerning the 2016 Olympics-but not for that reasons normally related to international sports events. Because the 1972 Olympics within Munich, we’ve notice the requirement for tightened protection measures. Diplomatic wires between countries taking part in these occasions is routine-except the actual messages from the U. Utes. diplomatic corps within Rio de Janeiro aren’t worried regarding acts associated with terrorism throughout the 2016 Olympics.

Rather, they speculate how Rio will keep the actual polished image of the sophisticated play ground for tourists from the criminal offense and violence about the hill which overlooks the actual stadium in which the 2016 Olympics is going to be held.


Not have two sides collided such sharp comparison. The promotion brochures associated with Rio have a playground associated with beautiful individuals in fashionable cafes, children having a laugh and playing about the beaches, as well as svelte versions wearing whitened swimsuits whilst strolling together breathtaking boulevards along with exotic titles.

Above the posh and wealth from the Rio which Brazil wants the planet to observe, is the war area of city slums. These shantytowns are referred to as favelas. They absence an training system for his or her children, absolutely no social providers, and, till recently, hardly any police safety. Although favelas happen to be around for a long time, it appears how the 2016 Olympics possess motivated law enforcement to break down.

Based on the cables, the Pacification Law enforcement Unit (UPP) launched a course one 12 months ago within four from the smaller slums. They have eliminated medication trafficking as well as started supplying basic providers like electrical power and garbage pick-up. The neighborhood residents from the slums in which the gangs happen to be pacified assistance the UPP presence since the climate is safer. There tend to be far less homicides because the arrival from the UPP.

This is excellent news-but the actual story is that we now have over a thousand favela slum places in Rio. The job has simply begun.


A little slum known as Dona Marta gets lots of attention like a test case for that Pacification Plan. The shantytown climbs the steep slope directly over the Botafogo section of Rio’s wealthy South Area. The maze associated with improvised large rock and plywood structures spread together twisting as well as narrow paths hosts 15, 000 citizens.

The UPP busy the Dona Marta favela within December 08. The Pacification Plan model, like U. Utes. counterinsurgency doctrine, is actually this: obvious, hold, as well as build. The citizens were told how the UPP were arriving and visiting stay. The leaked out cables indicate that many gang people fled which the bunch leader that ruled the actual slum for a long time was imprisoned. His home, in truth, has been converted into a law enforcement station.

Individuals are afraid how the police may leave following the Olympics. The gangsters haven’t moved away-they possess simply relocated underground.


By the actual looks from it, the clean-up plan has initially centered on those places near rich areas as well as future Olympic sports activities venues. Human privileges organizations tend to be critical because most of the shantytown residents are actually facing eviction to create room for that Olympics.

These exact same human privileges organizations will also be concerned which Rio officials and also the UPP tend to be removing all of them by force since the slums take up valuable property for Rio’s developing, and altering, urban scenery. If this really is true, instead of concentrating on cleaning crime within the slums, the actual motivation is merely moving the issue away in the wealthy places. This technique also flies when confronted with Brazil’s real estate rights laws.

The the majority of vulnerable victims would be the children. They are usually exploited as well as left along with few, in the event that any, educational and job opportunities.

Another filthy little secret within the slums may be the epidemic associated with incest. Social employees assume when a woman reaches age twelve, she is either becoming abused within her house or pressured into prostitution. The majority of the abuse originates from their mom’s boyfriends or even stepfathers. Sex along with girls older than fourteen is actually legal. Even when they are sufferers of incest in your home, it is recognized as consensual.

The actual hands associated with social employees are linked. In this particular broken program, the exploitation of girls is each heartbreaking as well as inevitable.


As the UPP can cleanup the slums, other providers and projects have to come to the areas too. The law enforcement cannot get it done all. Rio Condition Security Assistant Jose Mariano Beltrame acknowledges there’s a pressing requirement for additional civilian companies and NGO support in the future in and supply assistance along with bringing infrastructure to the slums.

Without open public assistance as well as humanitarian efforts to assist build in the slums, the actual drug gangs may return.

Because 2016 will get closer, will the countless slums looking over the Olympic arena be cleaned out up? Will law enforcement retain the presence to maintain out criminal offense? Will the actual exploitation of girls be halted?


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