When you want to create a really good workout that has the purpose of increasing hockey performance, a different approach is needed than with regular workouts. The workout you create can only be effective when you take into account the whole sport of hockey and is actually just a small part of what is necessary to increase performance. Videos from motify.com can definitely be used but you need to always focus on efficiency. A workout of under 120 minutes is always recommended.

Time And Effort

Most people that want to become hockey players make the mistake of working out for hours. Whenever you train for three hours, you surely do some things that are not really effective. It is quite common to see that many just use their phones in the gym and waste a lot of time instead of actually working out.

Remember that nobody can train hard for 3 hours straight. This includes professional hockey players. The only situation in which you can train for so long is when you waste time and you do many things that are not useful.

An exaggerated workout session rarely happens when professionals are involved. In fact, they try to do all that they can to minimize workout time and gains.

The Best Hockey Training Philosophy

In order to maximize your hockey performance, the training routine should only last around 75 minutes. Any workout that is longer will sacrifice intensity since you cannot be intense in your workout for longer than that. The best results always appear when intensity level is really high.

The hockey athlete needs short intense bursts of effort that is carried out at a high energy level. There is no need for moderate intensity long duration effort. This is why the third period is often too much to handle for some hockey athletes.

Remember that short high-intensity effort bouts that keep repeating themselves drain your energy levels a lot faster than other bouts. You simply cannot recover enough after the intensity you put your body through. The hockey game always involves high-intensity work that covers just minutes but is spread over 2 hours.

Due to the research that was done on athletes in the NHL, we know everything mentioned is correct. This is why it makes no sense for a player to train over 3 hours during a single session. An hour is more than enough to get all the results you look for. This includes the cool-down and warm-up periods that are always mandatory. The actual high-intensity training only takes a maximum of 50 minutes.

Creating A Perfect Workout For Hockey

Your training session has to be designed in a way that will make you hit a suitable intensity, one that is higher than what you will feel when you will be out on the ice, even during very tough matches. For most players, the following 3 elements are needed:

  • Warm Up – The body has to warm up while your neurological and metabolic processes need to be enhanced. Then, muscle and joint mobility have to be increased before the actual workout.
  • Workout – The training session needs to focus on this. It has to include all the right stimuli the muscles need to gain the desired results. This includes working out for strength, muscle building, conditioning and speed.
  • Cool Down – Athletes use specific techniques in order to return the body to a state that actually optimizes recovery. Without a cool down, there is a high possibility of injury or it is very difficult to recover fast.

Always build the hockey workouts in a way that will maximize the gains that you actually need.