Often after encountering any accident where you might have suffered serious injuries, you may feel the need to hire a personal injury lawyer. In case, your injury is very serious in nature then you must certainly hire one.

However, in certain cases, you may not have suffered a serious injury but there may be many good reasons to contest the case and hence it is important to avail the services of personal injury attorney Los Angeles. In this post, we will share about 10 signs, where you may need the services of a lawyer.

  1. You have suffered serious injuries

In case, your accident has caused a very serious accident that has made you totally immobile or you are not in a position to go for your work, then you are certainly entitled to hire personal injury lawyer.

  1. Your injury leads to permanent disability

Some of the injuries can be so serious that it can make you permanently disabled and that will need a long-term care and treatment. You must discuss with the personal injury lawyer in such case.

  1. Your accident was due to defective car parts

If your accident has taken place due to certain defective parts supplied by your automobile company then they are liable to pay for the damage. Only an experienced lawyer can handle such case.

  1. Alcohol was involved

If any of the drivers was driving under influence of alcohol then it will be very essential to involve a personal injury lawyer to settle the case.

  1. You were denied compensation for absenting from work

You are eligible to get compensation for your lost wages due to injuries suffered by you. In case your insurance company fails to pay you the same, then you must take help from a personal injury lawyer.

  1. Insurance company has refused to pay all your claim

It is very common that insurance company may try to hide behind the rules and deny your compensation which you may be entitled to. In such a case only personal injury lawyer can come for your help.

  1. You were caught using toxic substance

In case, you are caught for using toxic substance then this type of case can be very difficult to handle. You must look for any best and most experienced personal injury lawyer to take up your case.

  1. Your liability is not clear

In case there several people are involved in the accident then such case becomes too complicated to resolve and only an experienced lawyer can help you out.

  1. There is car repair as well as medical bills because of accident

If your amount of car repair bill and the medical bill is very significant amount then it is very difficult to get compensation from the insurance company. In such case the presence of a lawyer is very much necessary.

  1. Due to negligence of health care professionals your health and injury deteriorated

In case your doctor, nurses have not taken adequate care during your injuries or any case of medical malpractices has been noticed then it is necessary that you take help from an experienced lawyer.