Advancement in any field is key to explore more opportunities. Same happened in the field of IT after the innovation of the internet. We see new advancement every day in this field after in innovation of the internet. The Internet provides us access to that information which is present in the world but impossible to get access. People who related to this field developed a different kind of application for human beings so they can get the full benefit from the innovation of the internet. We see different applications which provide all kind of information to us. Some will provide in the form of article, some in the shape of pictures and most advanced form is through videos. These advancements came up over time.

Same way innovation of the internet also plays a very vital role to improve the way of communication between people. After the innovation of internet whole world converted into a global village and everyone can communicate with each other through different communication application.


WhatsApp is one of those communications which change the way of doing communication. You can send picture and videos to your loved ones through this application. Along with that, you can make a local and international call on same rates which will lower down the cost of communication. You can make audio and video calls through this application. Along with that you can send business documents on it and make an international deal without going there.


Due to some reasons, WhatsApp is not working in some countries. But if you are a businessman and traveling different countries so you need to get connect on WhatsApp so you can get updates related to your business on it. So what will you do when it is not working in some countries you cannot afford to get disconnected so here WhatsApp vpn help you out to get connected with rest of the world?

VPN makes a secure encrypted connection on less secure internet connection like public internet so no one can know about your IP address. They use tunneling technology in VPN which allowed encrypting information on sender end and decrypting it on the receiver end. So when you use VPN in these countries they cannot trace your IP and you can use WhatsApp easily from anywhere in the world and your connections remain secure.

Pure VPN installation steps:

So there are some simple steps by following which you can install Pure VPN in your system. The things which you need before that is an internet connection, supportive device and account on Pure VPN paid or unpaid.

  • First, install the Pure VPN software on your device or computer
  • Go into settings and add VPN connection on your device
  • This required some information from your side fill those bars and add it.
  • Then give user name and password to your account and save it
  • Then you see a VPN icon on your device
  • Then click on connect option to connect Pure VPN with your device
  • It will take a few seconds to connect your connection once it has done with it you can access any website from your device.


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