How to prepare your bag?

Your footballer outfit

  • Jersey, shorts and socks
  • Shin guards (required)
  • Shoes (molded cleats for grass pitches)
  • Bottom and top tracksuit
  • Spare clothes, rain and gloves (for cold weather)

After the game

  • Your toiletries (shower gel, towel)
  • A change of clothes
  • Do not forget to take a bag to separate the clean from the dirty
  • Drinks and snack

How to train well?

Whatever your position, whether you are a captain or not, whether or not you have a role to play in your team


When kids football trainers make you play different positions, it is so that you can know your strengths, work your weaknesses but also for you to progress in all areas of play

  • Be present at each training
  • Follow your coach’s advice
  • Take care of the material at your disposal
  • Be proud of your team’s progress


Whatever the level of your club, the important thing is to progress together, following the instructions of your coach because if everyone progresses, the whole team advances.

To be a good footballer, you must first be a good teammate.

How to better live my match?


Arrive on time requested by your football coaches in Dubai to have time to prepare and listen to his latest advice


  • Respect the rules of the game
  • Be honest and fair-play
  • Play to have fun
  • Support your team because even on the bench, your team will need you
The important thing is not to win but to give everything to get there.

Half time

  • Stay calm to regain strength
  • Wood quietly a little water
  • Listen carefully to your coach’s advice
Whatever the score of your team, enter the second period as a new match.


  • Shake hands with your opponents and the referee
  • Return to the locker room
  • At the end of a match there is always a winner and a loser but the most important thing is to be satisfied with his performance.
  • Celebrate the victory in the locker room with your friends
  • Analyzes defeat with a smile
  • Take a shower and change to be comfortable
  • Put your bag away and think about putting your dirty stuff in your bag

After your match, recover quietly

To know how to win, you have to learn how to lose

When you come home, think about telling your family about your game.

Respect the “football world”

Respect the leaders, educators, referees, partners, opponents, public, rules of the game and rules of life because without respect trust does not exist!

To show fair play is to accept the referee’s decision and acknowledge his own mistakes.

 5 goals to score on the field of life:

  1. Enjoy, grow and flourish with football
  2. Discover, learn and respect the rules of the game, … rules of life
  3. Integrate a group and find its place
  4. Play enjoying and respecting others
  5. Live with enthusiasm and generosity