Recreational fishing is a fun pastime enjoyed by many, however not everyone likes sitting silently on a riverbank. If you would rather head out into the open oceans to see if you can catch a big one, you are going to need a top-quality fishing boat. There are many different types of fishing boats on the market for you to pick from, so here are some of the most popular versions and why we think they might just be the right ones for you.

Walk Around

A walkaround boat helps to keep the entirety of the deck open and accessible. The cockpit is to the front and usually has a hardtop over the helm to keep the driver protected from any rough weather you may experience. Towards the aft, there may also be seating for anyone else tagging along on the adventure.

Walk arounds may also have cabin amenities depending on their size, as they are the perfect boat for anyone looking for versatility. If you are looking for a boat which you can cruise in as well as indulge in your fishing passions, a walk around might be just what you need.

Centre Console

Centre console boats move the driving station back from the front of the boat to the centre, and they frequently have a very characteristic V-shaped hull and several outboard motors to power it. When it comes to amenities, with the exception of an onboard toilet and seats for passengers there is very little; what there is plenty of however, is room for storage.

Whether it is room for bait, tackle, fish lockers or rod holders, a centre console is bound to have it. Therefore, if you are a serious angler searching for fishing boats for sale which are going to carve through ocean waves with ease and give you plenty of room to store your catch of the day, you should definitely consider a centre console variant for your next boat.

Pilot House

A boat with a pilot house is one where the helm is completely enclosed. In addition to the helm there is quite often a small living space attached to the driving station, so with the addition of a table, a berth and a toilet you will have plenty of space & flexibility if you wish to spend a few days at sea.

This style of boat is great for anyone searching for a smaller vessel where they can escape for just a day or a weekend and get some fantastic fishing done, with a warm & weather protected interior to escape to when the need arises.

Cuddy Cabin

Still on the hunt for the best of both worlds? The cuddy cabin might be the answer you are looking for, as these boats are small but powerful with a strong sterndrive engine to help you zip through the water unheeded. Great for a day out on the lake or in the bay, they may also have a cabin below deck so you can drop anchor and sleep for a night at sea.

You should consider getting a cuddy cabin boat if you want a little bit of everything. Speed? Check! A great deck to fish off? Check! Berths for either a night at sea or a sneaky siesta? Check! This is a great boat with great versatility for many situations. These are just some of the boats available for you as an angler to purchase. Think carefully about what you want from your boat and search for something which will tick all the boxes, as a boat is a serious investment since most likely you are going to spend a lot of time aboard & should definitely be looking for exactly the right one for you. Whether it is a centre console for the expert fishing fanatic or a cuddy cabin for the entertainer who likes to fish every now and then, the perfect boat is waiting for you

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